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Macrame Basics: Plant Hangers

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Macramé Basics: Plant Hangers produced by Pepperell Braiding Company.  This 16 page booklet contains detailed instructions for making 7 unique hanger designs.  Learn basic and advanced knotting techniques, with the illustrated guide.  Every project in this book can be made using 4mm or 6mm Bonnie Braid Craft Cord.

Note Instruction Change: Page 10; Petite Terracotta - (Step 1) Start with 6 strands of 4mm Bonnie Braid cut to 6 feet (not 48"). (Step 3) Knot approximately 50 tight Half Knots. (Step 6) Excess cord from the hanger may be used to continue the hanger, rather then cutting additional cord off a skein.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review