Jumbo Craft Roving 3-Ply

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Fuzzy and fluffy, the versatile Jumbo Roving Craft Yarn will make an excellent addition to any rainy-day craft box or gift wrapping station.  The brilliant color range makes this cord ideal for kids' crafts.  The 3-ply twist can be unwound and brushed out to make a soft hair-like texture, which is perfect for doll and wig-making, or fine pom-poms.  Additional craft suggestions include wall hangings, tassels, package ribbon, bows, garland, scarves, or other petite crochet/knit/macramé projects.

Jumbo Craft Yarn thickness is Bulky, but can vary: measuring from 1/8 inch (3mm) compressed, to 1/4 inch (6mm) in its relaxed state.  Thick, although soft and light in the weight, this roving yarn can bear up to 2-3 pounds (1-1.4 kilos) if using this cord for any load-baring crafts, such as knotting plant hangers.

One bag of Jumbo Roving Craft yarn contains one 8 ounce (227 grams) skein.  Length is approximate at 150 yards (137 meters).  100% acrylic.  Care instructions: Wash cold water with like-colors with mild, non-abrasive soap. Air/line dry.

Made in China.