Jelly Cord 2mm Plastic Cord 75 Feet (22.8 Meters)

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Braid it, tie it, crochet or knit it; use Jelly Cord to make small wall hangings, bracelets, broaches, tassels, gift wrap ribbon, bows, and more.   Accompany with the handy Jelly Cord Knitter to create super easy bracelets.  Different then S'getti String, Jelly Cord is solid (not hollow), so it's a little more dense, making it great for loose knitting and crochet projects.

Jelly Cord is made from PVC.  This product does not contain latex.

Lace measures:
5/64" - 3/32" (.081" or about 2mm) round.

Spool contains 75 feet (22.86 meters) of cord.

Made in China.