GelWick Candle Wick 1lbs Spool

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This cored Tubular Candle Wick Series contains a hemp or zinc wire filler, you select.   All wicks of the "Cored" Candle Wick series are made from natural cotton yarn outer casing.  These wicks are untreated, un-waxed, and unbleached, so these wicks have a natural tan-hue to them.  These wicks are most commonly used for making gel candles.  We tested the burn rate using Versagel fuel.  Cores measure about 18 gauge, regardless of the size or burn rate of the wick.

Our wicks are manufactured with 100% cotton.  There are no chemical additives in our wicks.  The best way to cross reference a different manufacturers' wick with our product line is by the burn rate measured in grams per hour.  Burn rates in this series are relative to each batch tested, and typically runs 2.8 grams per hour which is a low burn rate.  The only way to ensure a wick works is to test it in your blend of wax, dye, fragrance etc.  Different wax blends will generate different performance standards with the same wick.  Fragrance and coloration could alter the burn rate as well.

Purchase candle wick by the burn rate; this wick has a low burn rate and is specifically designed for gel fueled candles.  This wick is sold by pound (whole pounds only).  Select core type: Hemp or Zinc wire.

Is this wick core best for you?   This takes practice and test burns to determine which core is best for your wax/fuel type and candle size.  Give this wick a test drive before committing.  If you plan to make candles other then gel fueled,such as soy, beeswax, or paraffin, sample wick from the core wick series.

Made in the USA.