G-S Hypo Cement - Jewelers' Glue

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Looking for a glue to finish your Stretch Magic jewelry?  It only takes a small drop of cement to secure the knot on your beading project.  Little effort with a great return is why we use and recommend G-S Hypo Cement.  For those of us struggling with knots, add a tiny dab for a quick, easy and permanent finish.

We (as well as our customers) have had excellent results with G-S Hypo Cement.  It holds strong while staying flexible.  It works great with all thicknesses of Stretch Magic Jewelry Cord, Parachute Cord, and S-Lon Micro Macrame.  What really makes this product unique is the applicator.  The hypo in the name refers to a hypodermic needle like tube that makes it possible to apply the right amount of glue inside the smallest bead.  The cap is fitted with a metal rod so that when the glue is closed it will not dry up or clog the needle applicator.  This precise application makes this glue virtually mess free!

Read all the instruction and warnings specified by the manufacturer found on the box interior.  Recommended for ages 13+.  Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is available to download from the Manufacturer's website.  G-S Hypo Cement has a 1 year shelf-life.

Contains one tube: 1/3 fl. oz. (9mL) glue.

Manufactured in the USA!