Bungee Accessories - Cord Divider Assortment


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Dividers come in handy to keep cords from twisting or separated for jewelry applications. Our Cord Divider assortment contains two styles of separators: two twisted dividers which can double as a closure loop, and two straight double-barrels. Both styles are composed of non-ferrous (mixture of non-magnetic) metals. The double straight barrel divider measures .625 inches (15.9 mm) wide, and the twisted divider measures .75 inches (19 mm) from end-to-end. One strand of Bunjee brand bungee craft cord (or any cord from 4 mm-5 mm in thickness) can pass through each opening. Illustrated assembly instructions are included under the header card.

Package contains 4 dividers; 2 of each style.
Made in China.