Stretch Magic With Hypo Cement


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Stretch Magic® is the world's leading brand for making quality stretch bracelets and other jewelry accessories.  Looking for larger volumes of Stretch Magic®?  100 Meter (328 ft) spools available in .5mm, .6mm, .7mm, .8mm and 1mm thickness. 50 Meter (164 ft) spools available in 1.5mm thickness and 25 Meter (82 ft) spools available in the  1.8mm (.071 inches/about1/16" - 5/64") thickness.

Colors available: Clear and Black in all sizes; Pearl comes in .5mm, .6mm, .7mm, .8mm or 1mm thicknesses.

To finish or tie-off bracelets with the most secure hold, we recommend using a Carrick Bend (also known as a Josephine Knot) or the classic surgeons knot.

Volume Discounts available for this item.

This item is latex free.

Color chart is available to download and review here.

Made in China.

Includes 1 tube of GS-Hypo Cement.  Read all the instruction and warnings specified by the manufacturer found on the box interior.  Recommended for ages 13+.  Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is available to download from the Manufacturer's website.  G-S Hypo Cement has a 1 year shelf-life.
Contains one tube: 1/3 fl. oz. (9mL) glue.  Manufactured in the USA!