Candle Wick Sample Pack

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We manufacture our own line of candle wicks.  Pepperell Braiding Company manufactures cored and non-cored, tubular braided candle wick.  In general there are three types of wicks: Plaited or flat braid, square braid and tubular braid.  We only manufacture the tubular braid.  Our wicks are manufactured with 100% cotton with no chemical additives.  The best way to cross reference a different manufacturers' wick with our product line is by the burn rate measured in grams per hour.  That is just a start.  Burn rates are relative to each batch tested.  The only way to ensure a wick works is to test it in your blend of wax, dye, fragrance etc.  Different wax blends will generate different performance standards with the same wick.   There is no effective way to cross reference another manufacturers' wick other than to conduct burn tests.  Please Note: we do not have cross-reference data on other manufacturers.

Sorry to say we do not offer consulting on industrial candle making because of the enormity of variables that are involved.  The best approach is to start with a sample pack of wick and test the wicks with your design. We have a healthy assortment to sample from:

Bleached Cotton: Bleached cotton - bright white in color - generally used for tapers, pillars and novelties.  Contains 1 yard of each part numbers 630 (smallest burn rate), 500, 360, 200, 130 (highest burn rate).

Core Wicks: This wick is available in all natural cotton yarns (tan color), generally used for votive, container, and some pillar candles.  Select from Cotton, Hemp, Paper, or Zinc Core (about 18 gauge). Contains un-waxed (1 yard hanks) samples of the part numbers 807 (smallest burn rate), 838, 1200, 1400, 40032, and 60048 (highest burn rate).

Gel Wick: This wick is typically used in versagel and "sand" candles.  Contains a 1 yard hank of GelWick"Z", GelWick"H" and TG1808 all wax impregnated.  This wick contains a zinc core.

Made in the USA.