Calling All Crafters!

Greetings Most Treasured Designers!

As some of you may know, Pepperell Braiding has been producing the Bonnie Braid Cords used in macramé since 1977. Throughout the years we stayed the course in continuing to produce the venerable cords that kept the craft alive for those wanting to make chairs, plant hangers and rugs.

Today we are in the throes of the rebirth in macramé, we have added to our line of products Cora’s Natural Cotton Cords to compliment the Bonnie Braid Cords and give our customers a wider range of choices for fibers.

Though these cords are not only used in macramé, people are knitting and crocheting along with weaving too. The applications are endless and not limited to simply macramé.

This brings us to you! We are looking to partner with Designers all across the world to bring the most attractive, avant-garde projects to our own customers. We want the people that macramé, knit, crochet and weave with our products to join our team.We appreciate the fact that aspiration and inspiration equal happy customers that want to create!

Here is our proposal to you!

*We will provide you with Inspiration Boards to showcase the type/style of products we are seeking from the community.

* We will provide you with free cords to make the projects. If we have any other
    materials in our treasure chest, we will provide those to you as well.

* We will come to a reasonable agreement for payment per project in a

Work for Hire agreement.

* Pepperell Braiding will credit you the designer with all of your work. This gives
   your portfolio exposure to consumers all across the world along with showing
   other companies your talents on a larger audience/platform. We sell to all major
   craft retailers in the United States and Canada

along with accounts across the world!

* We will post projects on social media that Buyers of all major craft retailers review regularly.

* Pepperell will supply you with creative direction at times that would
   have to take into consideration cost for the project. Where your project

may be used in a kit, we would need to stay w/in the scope of the cost budget for  raw materials.

Here is what we would like from the partnership with you.

* Pepperell Braiding would need to receive the final project(s).

* We will want written directions.

* Pepperell would love if you could provide a video as well!

* As we would direct skill level, the project would need to fit that outlined level.

If you have the passion and the desire, please reach out to us.

Send us the following:

*  Fee Schedule

*  Portfolio of your work, we prefer to review your website demonstrating your craft but also acceptable to review any presentations as well. Must be able to show a portfolio to be considered.     

* Letters of Reference

We’ll review all submission and answer you with a human touch. Please start the

process by simply emailing us at

Most warmest regards,

Pepperell Braiding Company (Pepperell Crafts)

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