Bungee Metal Beads - 4 pack assortment


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Accessorize macramé bracelet projects with these cute cast metal beads.  Finely detailed features cast into the metal.  Flat backed so the beads can be inset into a bracelet or comfortably worn as a pendant.  Beads measure an average of 20mm (.8 inch or 13/16th) wide, by  22mm (.875 inch or 7/8th inch) tall, and 15mm (.6 inch or 9/16 inch) deep.  Hole size is approximately 11mm (.4 inches or 7/16 inch) tall x 8mm (.3 inches or about 5/16 inch) wide.  Package includes 4 assorted beads.  Bead assortment includes one of each: Peace Sign, "I Love You", Bicycle, and "Hip Hop".  Two packages are required to make matching earrings.  Please note: specific beads are not available.  Package is assorted. 

This bead is suitable for small macramé projects including jewelry and petite plant hangers.  Due to the hole size restrictions, this bead can string:

- 1 strand of 6mm cord or thinner
- 2 strand of 4mm cord or thinner
- up to 6 strands of 2mm cord or thinner (use beading tool)

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Made in China.