I was a teenage Bunny

I was a teenage Bunny

Posted by Anna on Mar 26th 2021

Well, I wasn't really. I mean, I owned a Bunny and the home I live in was once owned by a woman named Bunny and I might have a bunny tattoo on my shoulder. So what? I guess I was a teenage Bunny. Either way, the Bunny has become an easy symbol to recognize when talking about this particular time of year.   


      Even if you don't celebrate it, everyone knows the Easter Bunny.  He's a the fluffy guy with the tail who has high tea with the Mensch on the Bench while Santa knits them scarves and the Tooth fairy sings along to the Sand Man's guitar.  If none of you know who these magical people are, then I'm very sorry.  I've just confused you all.   

     If you followed that whole thing, than you know as well as I do that the Easter Bunny is a symbol instantly recognizable.  Yes, yes, there are other serious parts of the Holiday, the meaning of it all.   I'm not here to tell you how to celebrate, I'm just making a statement.  There's something about the Easter Bunny that makes the heart happy.  Well, there's something about the Easter Bunny that makes MY heart happy.  Probably my love of rabbits and bunnies in general.  Cute little noses, bucky little teeth, and the cotton tail.  Gotta have the cotton tail.  That might be why I keep making them into fluffy wreaths and wall hangings.  


     I like to think that, like weddings, there's a serious part to the holiday followed by a joyful celebration.  It's the joyful part that we all love and right now we all need,  In my joyful celebrations, there's going to be a bunny.  Spring.  Rebirth.  It's all wrapped up in that little pink nose.

                                                       Happy Easter everyone!   Stay fluffy....  <3