Have you called your Mother?

Have you called your Mother?

May 10th 2022

Well have you? My daughter is only nine, but I look so forward to the day I can give her the guilt trip. It's like a right of passage I feel.  And this post is LATE, so I'm double troubled!

I have been saying it all year, and I will continue it here on the blog. Spend time with your family. We learned, haven't we, in the last two years that being together is precious. The time we have together is precious and fleeting. Grab a box of craft sticks, a skein of macrame, a hank or paracord and sit together. 

    Mothers are so important. 

My grandmother crocheted for a living. The things she made I couldn't possibly replicate and honestly, I don't think I would want to try. When she was alive, I should've asked her to show me. If you mother is alive, and you have a talented and crafty mum, ask her to share that passion with you.


                                                                  Do you know what you find? 

I come from an embroidery background, and my daughter has asked loads of questions and I am always willing to share how cross stitch and needlepoint works. Maybe mum isn't around, what about an Aunt or a cousin or a neighbor who is willing to share that magic with you!

If you don't know or you know there's nothing like that in your family : YOU be the change you want to see. Start crafting and do it with your kids. There's so many great ideas and opportunities to spend time together and share.


Make some easy frames with craft sticks.  Already colored for you, just glue and go. Add a magnet to make it a great piece of fridge art or add a string to hang it. Easy and simple and it gives your kids a chance to be creative. The mind needs creativity, somewhere there's a study.