Bleached Cotton Candle Wick - 200 Series


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Bleached cotton wick is bright white in color, and generally used for tapers, pillars, and novelty candles.

Our wicks are manufactured with 100% cotton. There are no chemical additives in our wicks. The best way to cross reference a different manufacturers' wick with our product line is by the burn rate measured in grams per hour. Burn rates are relative to each batch tested, and range from 2.2 grams per hour (lowest) to 7.8 grams per hour (highest). The only way to ensure a wick works is to test it in your blend of wax, dye, fragrance etc. Different wax blends will generate different performance standards with the same wick. Fragrance and coloration could alter the burn rate as well.

Purchase candle wick by the burn rate; the larger the candle, the higher the burn rate recommended.The Bleached Candle Wick series are all made from braided bleached cotton.

The 200 series measures roughly 3/32 - 1/8 inch (2.39 - 3.18 mm) diameter with a high burn rate of 6.6 grams per hour. This candle wick is large and ideal for large pillars and tapers.

This wick is available in 50 yard (45.72 meter) or 500 yard (457.2 meter) spools.

Made in the USA.