Our Mission

Pepperell Braiding Company (PBC) was in established in 1917 as a factory to produce shoe laces. During World War 2 PBC braided flameless cigarette lighter wicks under government contract. After the war PBC added candle wicking, laboratory testing wick and provided custom and stock braided products to many industries.

In the late 1970s Pepperell Braiding Company moved into the craft market by manufacturing and marketing macramé cord. In 1978 PBC acquired the Rexlace™ and Pyrolace™ brands of extruded plastic craft lace. With these strong product lines PBC became the leader in design and manufacturer of general and specialized arts and crafts supplies.

In 2006, Pepperell Braiding Company acquired Holgate Toys, and has been manufacturing USA-made wooden toys out of the Bradford, Pennsylvania factor since. Visit Holgate Toy History for more information on the company's evolution and collectors stamps.

Today Pepperell Braiding Company is diversified and serves many industries while retaining roots in industrial braiding and extrusions. PBC has an in house art department and design team that can quickly bring new products to market. With three factories, Pepperell Massachusetts, Bradford Pennsylvania and Ningbo China, PBC is a full service manufacturer.

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