5 Pound Bag Asst. Acrylic Craft Yarn


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Our gigantic, 5 pound bag of assorted craft yarn will make an excellent addition to any rainy-day craft supply kit.  The yarns in this assortment are typically a 2-4 ply twist, sport to worsted weight and always 100% acrylic.  The yarns in this assortment will be perfect for doll and wig-making, pom-poms, knitted or crochet comfort shawls, and basketry projects.  Additional craft suggestions include wall hangings, tassels, package ribbon, bows, garland, scarves, or other petite crochet/knit/macrame projects such as mittens, socks, hats and hair accessories.

One bag contains 5 pounds of assorted yarns.  Colors will vary. 100% acrylic.

Care instructions: Wash cold water with like-colors with mild, non-abrasive soap. Air/line dry.

Made in China.