Pepperell Braiding 12mm (.47 inch) Wood Beads

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NOTE: Unfinished is Discontinued.

This package of 12 mm (.47" or 15/32") Round wooden beads includes 18 beads.  The hole size of the bead is 5 mm (.2" or 3/16" - 13/64").  Wooden beads are stained or painted and then a clear coat is applied to give it a polished finish.

This bead is suitable for small macramé projects including jewelry and petite plant hangers . Due to the hole size restrictions, this bead can string:

- 1 strand of 4mm cord or thinner
- 2 strands of 2mm cord or thinner
- up to 4 strands of 1.5mm jewelry cord

Sorry, volume discounts are not available for this item.

Made in China.